Pest Control

Starting to see pesky roaches, spiders or other pests? Arthur is your pest control man! Offering a reliable service, you can be sure Arthur goes above and beyond.

Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders

Arthur provides safe and effective pest control solutions for most types of pests found in your home.

Termite Treatment

Let an experienced professional thoroughly assess the situation, prior to treatment.

Possum Removal & Proofing

Possums can be crafty, and sometimes dangerous creatures. Arthur can safely remove your intruders and ensure they don’t gain access to your home again.

Rat & Mice Control

Rats and mice can make themselves at home in your house, shed, garage and gardens. Get rid of those stubborn rodents with King Arthur.

Bird Control

Notice pesky birds starting to make a nest in inconvenient place in an your home? Call King Arthur before it goes too far!

Bee & Wasp Removal

Don’t get stung! Get Arthur to remove those bees or wasps before it becomes painful.  Arthur can offer an effective service and treatment to remove the nest of bees or wasps.

Flea Treatment

Little painful bites driving you and your family crazy? King Arthur will come to the rescue.