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Professional Possum Removal

Possum Removal Toowoomba

Possum Removal Toowoomba

Possums are a protected Australian native species. Most of them found inside urban dwellings are the Common Brushtail Possum. They have lost a lot of their natural habitat & have adapted well to living in suburbia. They like living in ceilings where it’s dry and warm, and have even been known to go down chimneys.

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Possums received their name from a supposed resemblance to the opossums of South America, but they have nothing more in common than that they are arboreal (tree-living) marsupials. Australian possums have a pouch and give birth to tiny embryonic young that grow inside the pouch. They also have strongly developed incisors on both the upper and lower jaw, which means they’re good at chewing things.

WARNING: 1 in 3 Australian homes are suffering from termite damage. Ask our team about a termite inspection service during possum pest control to ensure your home isn’t being silently destroyed from inside.

Learn about termite treatment here.

It is illegal to harm or kill these pests, and the possum removal must be handled by a licenced and government approved possum catchers.You need to call a professional with a license.

Frequently Asked Questions About Possum Removal in Toowoomba

For one thing, the smell is undeniable.  Possums are territorial and will most definitely urinate and rub oil from glands located on their chest, chin, and anal region to mark what’s theirs.  They will also leave cylindrical pellet-shaped droppings that are longer than 10mm everywhere.

You will hear them moving around inside your ceiling – they will leave your roof just after dusk and return just before sunrise.  And being mainly herbivores, they will also eat new plant shoots, your prized flowers and home-grown produce in your gardens.

Have you observed these signs in and around your home?  If so, you need Professional Possum Pest Control in Toowoomba.  Call King Arthur now on 0417 739 897 and we can relocate them out of your ceiling!

While there are options out there such as repellents, traps, and putting up fences to defend your property, these are not assured ways of getting rid of these animals. They have been known to fight through many home remedies. When they are hungry, the usual deterrents will not work. They can be quite determined pests!

Simply removing them does not mean they will not come back. They also have to be treated humanely. There are a few restrictions in handling them, and it is best to hire a licensed possum catcher.

Possums are mainly herbivores though they have been known to eat insects such as moths and grubs, snails, bird eggs and baby birds. They favour eucalyptus leaves as well as buds, flowers and fruits of other trees, and can tolerate many plant toxins that other animals find poisonous.

It is best to hire a licensed possum removal professional, to ensure you get rid of them properly.

Choose the Experts in Possum Removal in Toowoomba

King Arthur is your go-to possum-remover!! His services include thoroughly inspecting your home for entry points, and repairing your home so that the possums can’t sneak back in. This is a requirement of his permit.

Arthur then uses well maintained and humane traps to capture the possums inside your home (usually inside your ceiling void). This means the possums don’t get overly stressed or hurt themselves.

More than a noisy nuisance, possums may be a sign of further infestations as other pests come to eat from the same food sources as possums, or to feast on possum waste.

To protect your home, you’ll need to stay on top of the following pest infestations (use the links below for fast tips on pest control).

Any possums that Arthur captures need to be released within 25m of your place. This is also a requirement of his permit. You might want to provide them with a new place to sleep, by hanging a nest box, or something similar, in nearby trees.

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