Is your house looking old and tired?

Need an uplift or refresh, is the paint peeling or do you need a new colour?

If sanding isn’t your thing, get in touch with King Arthur, because he loves it!

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House Sanding:

House sanding can be a tedious, dusty and long-winded job and there are many things to take into consideration.

Arthur has many years of experience in house sanding and can help identify several concerns which may need particular attention when sanding your home.

Evening Out the Surface of Timber:

When sanding timber, it is important to use the correct tools. Your home may be quite weathered and require a bit more attention to detail when sanding.

There is also a risk that when done incorrectly, the timber can be stripped back into an uneven surface, which is very noticeable once painted. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than working through countless hours of prep work, only to realise that you have to strip your first coat of primer off to re-sand the timber surface.

With Arthur’s many years of experience, he will make sure that your home is stripped back to a nice, smooth, even surface that’s perfect for painting!

Lead Paint

A common issue that can occur when updating older weatherboard homes is the presence of lead paint.

Lead paint has been banned from use in Australia since 1978 due to the health and environmental implications is has. Risks of exposure are increased if the paint is flaking or chalking and are particularly high when the paint is being removed by methods such as sanding, hot air guns, sandblasting or burning.

If lead is identified in your house paint, extra precautions have to be taken when sanding your home.

How can I tell if my house has lead paint?

You can buy lead paint test kits from your local hardware store. Follow the instructions for use. Remember, red means lead! It is always best to test all layers of paint that you intend to remove, as some houses may have had non- lead coats of paint applied over the top of the original. You can generally find the bottom layer of paint in an area that may have been chipped or flaking from exposure.

How is lead paint safely removed?

In order to remove the paint correctly and with minimal complications, Arthur will cocoon the work area of your home with a tarpaulin, including one laid on the ground to catch any flakes that fall to the floor. Arthur will also wear all the necessary protective clothing. Once complete, the flakes are rolled up and can be taken away for safe lead disposal.

Save yourself time, money and ensure that you get a smooth, paint ready surface by contacting an experienced professional.

Give your home the refresh it deserves with sanding and painting services offered by King Arthur!

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