Possums can look like a very cute and cuddly animal. However, the reality for many Australians is that it can be a total menace for your home. They can wreak havoc and be a serious worry for homeowners. It’s important for you to possum-proof your homes while at the same time you need to be careful in handling these nocturnal creatures. In this article I talk about what problems possums can create, how to try to catch them and all the dangers you should be aware of in managing your own possum problem.

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The Dangers of handling your own Possum Problem1

 Possum Infestation in Your House

While possums might not pose a real physical danger to you or your loved ones, it can tear up your house or your office. It can cause some serious nuisance that can disturb the overall quality of your life.

When trying to get rid of possums, you need to be vary of the fact that as native animals, possums are protected by Australian law. So, it doesn’t matter how big of a problem they might be to you, you need to handle the situation very carefully. This is why I recommend getting in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you on how our professional services can help you get rid of the situation with ease.

Catching Possums without Traps

By nature, possums are not harmful animals. However, they can get defensive and aggressive when they feel threatened. This is why I never suggest anyone handle possums with bare hands. If you cannot hire a professional service and have to catch a possum without a specialised trap then I would recommend you wear thick gloves to protect yourself.

Always approach the possum you want to catch with care. To distract the possum, wave one hand in front of their faces and use the other hand to try to grab its tail. When lifting the possum, try to keep it as far away from your body as possible. Move it as far away from your property as possible, so it doesn’t come back.

Why You Should Not Handle Your Own Possum Problem

There are reasons why you should not handle a possum if you are not a professional. A threatened possum can get aggressive and attack you if put in such a situation. Even though possums are very resistant to rabies, they can sometimes carry the disease – so, it’s better to be safe here. Since possums are wildlife, you need to take extra care handling them for several reasons, including for hygiene concerns.

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