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The Most Trusted Termite Inspection Toowoomba Has To Offer

termite inspection toowoombaTermites are tiny pests, but their impact on homes in Toowoomba can result in massive damage. With the average cost of damage at $7,000 across Australia, waiting until you see clear signs of an infestation is like waiting until after a known disaster to address the causes.

Inspections are one way to stop this type of trouble in their tracks. Even if you don’t suspect a problem, chances are that your home is prone to attack. They love anything made of wood or dead plant matter. And the studs, flooring, and substructure of your home can look like a buffet to the bugs if left unchecked.

Luckily, termite inspections are an affordable way to discover any damage underway and implement a treatment plan right for your home. And in the event that an inspection comes out 100% pest free, you can discuss prevention methods with a pest control service moving forward.

No one understands the importance of quality inspections like King Arthur Handyman. We’ve served this town and the surrounds for over 30 years with superior service to help homeowners mitigate and prevent infestations. There’s no better time than now to eliminate the concern or threat of these pests in your home.

If you’ve never had termite control or think something might be awry within your walls, don’t wait. Call us on 0417 739 897 today for a fast quote and quick appointment.

Reasons to schedule a termite inspection

They are the most damaging pests around, seeking out anything made of dead or decaying plant matter as their main food source. This includes any wood used to build your home.

Working their way primarily underground, they can enter your home through the foundation and make their way throughout, jeopardising the integrity of the structure itself. Safety alone is a key reason to schedule an inspection. You can have peace of mind that your home is not under siege by these creepy crawlers.

Another key reason is cost. Not only can termite infestation be extensive and costly, but most home insurance policies do not cover the costs of this damage. Anything you have to replace or repair becomes an out of pocket expense.

Partly because of this, Australians looking to sell their home are also required to submit to an inspection. This protects the incoming buyer from any risk with a current infestation.

By regularly scheduling termite inspections, you can avoid most costly or urgent treatments as well. Inspections as part of a prevention plan can help you catch any issues early in the infestation, mitigating the extent of any damage to your home (or your bank account).

How much does the inspection cost in Toowoomba?

A regular inspection is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to how much the damage from a infestation can cost. The average cost falls between $250 to $350, with this variance depending on how large of a space needs to be evaluated.

When budgeting, homeowners should plan on this becoming an annual expense. It’s recommended to have your home regularly checked for these insects especially if you do not have a termite barrier or other prevention and treatment plan in place.

What to expect during an inspection service call

The point of the inspection is to have a thorough examination completed of all the spaces where these insects could enter the home or take up residence. The entire inspection can take up to two hours, depending on how large your home and property are.

During a termite inspection, the technician will inspect the exterior for entry points. They will also look at wooden framing around windows and doors, skirting, walls, and subflooring for signs of insect activity.

Since they like damp wood as much as dry, anywhere that water is present will also be checked. This includes spaces around hot water heaters and condensation pipework around HVAC units.

The inspector should be able to report on any areas of insect activity in or around your home as well as any damage as a result. Even if the pests are not present, the inspector can provide advice for how to stave off an infestation including treatment plan options. This may be customised depending on the unique needs of your home and its allure to the these insects.

Your checklist for choosing the right pest control service

With this type of rampant in Australia, so are the number of companies claiming to eradicate them – but not all pest control services are the same. It’s important that you do your research to make sure the company you choose has the right experience to do the job right the first time. Anything less could put your home at risk.

Consider asking these questions as you evaluate your options for termite treatment:

  • Are you licensed and insured to perform this service?
  • How many years have your performed these services?
  • When and where was your company founded?
  • What areas in the home do you check for these insects?
  • What and how do you charge for an inspection call out?
  • Do you offer discounts on treatments if deemed necessary?
  • What warranties or guarantees do you offer on your assessment?
  • Can you perform inspections for home sale purposes?
  • Do you have references that we can speak to?
  • What relevant certifications or affiliations do you have?

Why Choose King Arthur Handyman

When it comes to an inspection of this importance, you’ll want to leave no stone (or timber) unturned. That’s why so many Toowoomba homeowners turn to King Arthur Handyman for pest control services. Arthur has over 30 years of experience and offers every customer the same reliable, quality service from soil to stud.

King Arthur Handyman knows how much can be riding on a thorough examination. With tickets in confined spaces and EWP, there’s nowhere the team won’t check for pests. In the end, you’ll have peace of mind and/or a proposed treatment plan right for your property to put an end to your fears.

For more information or to request a fast free quote, call King Arthur Handyman on 0417 739 897 today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Inspections in Toowoomba

You can certainly keep an eye out for them, but a trained professional is the best choice for ensuring a thorough and accurate review of your home’s situation when it comes to these pests. While some signs, like mud tunnels, may be fairly obvious, there are others that only a pro may notice. And of course, if the inspection is required for the sale of your home, you’ll want to call in a pest control service to stand by their word.

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It’s likely, given that the inspector will want access to interior areas of your home. Fortunately, the inspection process should not take long (up to two hours in most cases), freeing you up to return to your regular schedule soon after.
Treatment or remediation is not part of an inspection. But depending on the service provider you choose, you may be able to start treatment soon after.

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“Could not recommend Arthur enough! His attention to detail is amazing.
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“Thanks to the King of Pest Control we don’t have a pest control problem at all anymore! Duncan, the boss, has made a great choice in choosing King Arthur and we hope that you guys do too.”

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