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Effective Termite Barriers

Termite Barrier Toowoomba

Termite Barriers Toowoomba

One of the reasons why medieval castles had a moat around them was to protect royalty, citizens, and valuables from invaders. As the king of your own castle, you’ll want the same level of protection from the outside, perhaps without a drawbridge, though.

When it comes to these insects, this is where chemical termite barriers can come into play. They literally create a perimeter of protection around your house to kill and deter these insects from entering your home. The result can be a termite-free home that doesn’t have to worry about paying thousands in damage, not to mention the stress of it all.

King Arthur Handyman makes this kind of protection a priority for every client, with premium pest control services at affordable rates. We have over 30 years of experience helping homeowners in Toowoomba preserve the integrity of their homes in the face of rampant insects.

Make sure these insects steer clear of your home with the best barriers available. Call us on 0417 739 897 to schedule a termite inspection.

When termite barriers are the right choice for your home

Many homeowners wait until they see signs of termites in their home to take a course of treatment. While important, this is reactive rather than preventative. It’s also critical to take steps to keep them from making their way in in the first place.

Chemical barriers do just that. Trenched into the ground, subterranean insects are unwilling to cross the line and infiltrate a home in search of the wood or rotting plant matter they prefer as food.

You’ll want a barrier for peace of mind once a full inspection has been completed. With no current signs of the pests, a barrier can be another line of defense to keep the intruders out for good.

Already dealing with an infestation? Here’s how to get rid of a termite colony in your home

How are barriers installed?

Termite barriers are physically dug into the ground surrounding the home, usually in the form of a trench that touches the foundation. The trench is then coated with a chemical compound designed to kill any insects that come in contact with it. For reticulation barriers, a thin pipe or tube is laid at the bottom of the trench and filled with chemicals that seep out through tiny holes over time. The dug-out ground is then filled back in, leaving no sign that the barrier is in place.

New homes typically also include a physical barrier in the form of treated plastic or metal that is attached to the home’s foundation. This can last up to 50 years and eliminates the need to dig a trench for chemical distribution.

While not as long lasting as a physical barrier, chemical barrier treatments can last from 5-8 years. With regular inspections, your service provider will be able to let you know if or when the barrier needs to be refreshed. For this, additional chemicals are inserted in the soil or refilled within the inlaid pipe.

What is the cost to install a Toowoomba termite barrier?

When it comes to pricing, barriers are usually a factor of how much space needs to be protected in linear metres. This is because the size of the space dictates how much material, chemicals, and labour are needed to fully protect the home.

The average cost in Toowoomba falls between $2,500 to $4,000. The price can also vary depending on the type of barrier used. The table below goes into a bit more detail, but it’s always best to get a fast free quote for services before finalising your own budget.

Barrier Type Low High
Liquid Chemical Barrier $2,500 $4,000
Liquid Chemical Refills $300 $600
Physical Treated Barrier $3,000 $5,000

Do barriers degrade or require maintenance over time?

Since all barriers are treated with chemicals to kill off these insects, they can slowly become less effective over time as the chemicals wear down or get distributed in the soil (and via the pests).

Physical barriers installed as part of new construction are often rated to last up to 50 years. These also require no maintenance once they are affixed to the foundation.

Chemical barriers will need to be topped off as the years go by in order to keep the supply available to meet the volume of pests. This happens every 3-5 years and can be done by a pest control company as part of your regular maintenance and inspection package. Since the trench and system are already in place, topping off the chemicals is much less costly and time consuming.

Why Choose King Arthur Handyman

Establishing a secure perimeter when it comes to pests, is not something to put off for the homeowners. These insects love to make their homes in our homes, and King Arthur Handyman has set out to put an end to these invasions.

With over 30 years of experience, Arthur and his team have helped homeowners in the region keep them out for good with protective barriers and other prevention and treatment options. Safety and customer satisfaction remain a priority throughout every job, making sure that you feel secure and confident in our job well done.

We also use premium quality products, pet and child friendly where possible, and stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ready to take the next step for termite control, call King Arthur Handyman today on 0417 739 897 for a fast and free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Barriers in Toowoomba

It is always important to exercise caution since pesticides are toxic. Ask your technician how long you should keep your kids and pets inside before they come into contact with any soil disturbed by the installation of a termite barrier. Typically, once these systems are in place below the surface, they should not pose a threat.
It might make a little disturbance, but it certainly won’t ruin it. Consider that the team will be working with a trench half a metre in width but following the perimeter of your house. This area will have soil removed, the system installed, and then the soil put back into place. The rest of your garden will stay pristine.

While the barrier won’t help with any insects who already made it inside, it’s an essential part of preventative maintenance moving forward. If you have your home treated for these insects, you’ll also want to stop them from returning. The barrier will supplement any other baits, sprays, or treatments to disturb and kill an existing infestation while helping to prevent an increase in numbers or a new occurrence later on.

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“Thanks to the King of Pest Control we don’t have a pest control problem at all anymore! Duncan, the boss, has made a great choice in choosing King Arthur and we hope that you guys do too.”

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