Dealing with possums is not the same as dealing with other pests. Unlike rodents or birds, they cannot be exterminated and have to be carefully relocated. This can make some instances of possum removal a little tricky.

Possums are found on roofs, so a possum removal expert will generate a quote based on how difficult it is to access the roof and seal the entries. This is one of the biggest considerations. You can, however, expect possum proofing and removal services to be between $250-500 on average.

Below, we’ll take a look at possums removal costs and how to possum-proof your home. While they might appear cute and furry, possums are a serious pest to Australian homeowners and especially those with nice gardens.

Possum removal cost list

Removing a possum is fairly inexpensive between $100-200. But the roof has to be possum-proofed to ensure they don’t return. Possum removal does not come with a warranty because they will immediately return to the roof.

For possum removal from other areas, such as beneath a deck, the cost will be lower due to the simplicity of the task. But this is much rarer. The price for removing a dead possum will likely be around $200 including the sanitization.

The following table demonstrates typical prices for possum proofing and removal in Australia for various house and roof types.

House and Roof Type 12-Month Warranty 24-Month Warranty
Single Storey (Tiled Roof) $280 $450
Double Storey (Tiled Roof) $320 $500
Single or Double Storey (Steel) $380 $550
Single or Double Storey (Weatherboard) $380 $550

How are possums removed?

The process might vary depending on who you go to for the service. First, the removal service will come to your property and locate the entry point. A cage will be placed over the entry point that catches the possum. A period of 24 hours or so will pass to ensure that all possums are caught.

Afterwards, the area is possum proofed. This means that the entry is sealed, and a solution is applied so that the possums do not return. This is tougher than you might think, given that they can squeeze into pretty confined spaces. By law, the possum needs to be relocated within 50 metres of where it was caught. The distance varies by territory but is generally between 25-50 metres.

Can I remove the possum myself to lower costs?

Removing possums is actually the easy part. Ensuring they stay removed is where the problem arises. The longer a possum has been in the home, the more diligent it will be in trying to get back in. And there can be many ways into the roof.

Possums venture away from the roof at night. It’s just a matter of keeping them out. It’s best to work with a specialist so you know they won’t be able to return. Possum removal services will typically offer a possum-proofing warranty.

You could consider using a possum box. This is like an alternative home for the possum to live in. Having a possum near the home will help to keep other possums away. Just make sure that you have fully possum proofed your own home first. Otherwise, they will leave the box and return to the roof or elsewhere in the residence.

Are possums dangerous?

Not really. They would rather play dead than pick a fight. But you still wouldn’t want to pick one up. They are a huge threat to those who grow plants, however. They can be extremely difficult to keep at bay and eat a lot of vegetables. They are an extreme nuisance to those who make their livelihood from farming.

They can also be troublesome to regular homeowners. As nocturnal animals, they will be active while you are trying to sleep. Possums on the roof can lead to a number of hazards including:

  • Damage to insulation
  • Urination and defecation
  • Chewing through electric wires
  • Pushing out downlights
  • Knocking out eaves

One potential danger with possums is that they die in a tight space. They tend to fit into extremely confined areas. If this area is hard to reach, you may actually have to knock down or remove structural elements. It’s not possible to live with the smell.

What attracts possums?

Possums prefer warm and dry places and are similar to rodents in this respect. They are also attracted to overflowing garbage bins and potential food sources including certain plants and vegetation, which is something to worry about if you have a nice garden.

Possums are primarily herbivores, and love eucalyptus trees, flowers, and fruit. They can decimate a garden, eating melons, mangoes, roses, carrots, wisteria, and pretty much any kind of fruit, vegetable, or flower.

What home remedies are available to treat possums?

While many have tried, the fact is that the majority of home remedies simply do not keep possums away. They are extremely determined creatures when it comes to food, and when they set up shop on your roof, they tend to stay.

Here is a list of things that don’t work when it comes to the removal of possums:

  • Bright lights – These have practically no effect whatsoever. You might scare them away when you approach them with a light, but that’s about it.
  • Mothballs – This requires the whole roof to be doused in mothballs, and they evaporate in a relatively short period of time.
    Loud music – This will not deter possums at all, but it can really upset your neighbours.
  • Electronic possum deterrents – The results of these are inconsistent. They might work on some species of possum but not others. The cost is usually not worth it compared to professional removal.
  • DIY solutions – Garlic, herbs, or pesticides don’t really work. When possums are hungry, they will eat.

How long should possum proofing and removal take?

The process should not take longer than a day or two. The expert will see the areas where the possum is potentially getting in and make sure that it is possum proof. You might have cracked tiles or decaying timber that a possum is exploiting. The service provider will assess the roof and seal the gaps.

This is not a full blown roof repair; it’s just enough to keep the possums at bay. Possum proofing and removal services will often provide a number of other pest control services especially birds and rodents. So you might be able to hit two birds with one stone here!

Where can I find affordable and effective possum removal?

King Arthur Pest Control Services has 30 years of experience and is fully licenced to handle and humanely remove these creatures. They are placed 25 metres away, and a new home can be installed for them if you want to provide them with a new shelter elsewhere.

Whatever you decide, your home will be 100% possum-proofed so you can sleep in peace. All solutions are environmentally friendly, and the possum is relocated in line with the regulatory rules and standards. King Arthur Pest Control service is reliable, efficient, affordable, and professional.

Call now for a fast and free quote on 0417 739 897.

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