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Professional Pest Control Services Toowoomba

Pest Control Services Toowoomba

Pest Control Services Toowoomba

Looking for professional, fast, reliable and safe pest control services in Toowoomba? We can help!

Nobody wants unwelcome guests and no guests are more unwelcome than pests! If you’ve got cockroaches, ants, spiders, termitespossums, mice, and rats, call King Arthur on 0417 739 897.

If you are dealing with an infestation, then it’s time to call in the professionals. For some problems, vinegar and other home remedies simply will not suffice. If food and water are present, some species will keep on coming until they meet King Arthur.

Pests will always leave tell-tale signs of their presence. Possums, rats, and mice leave droppings. Ants will have ant trails and termites will leave pellets that resemble small piles of salt or pepper. These are just some of the signs of pest infestation. Once you see these, call professional pest control immediately!

Waiting further could only worsen the damage these unwelcome guests are doing to your home.

Every infestation is the ‘worst’. Cockroaches can be especially bad because they breed so quickly and leave such a foul smell. They are very hard to eradicate completely and are known for their resilience. But no infestation is wanted, and termites, fleas, and mice can all be difficult to tackle. In terms of cost, termites might be the winner. They can cause serious structural damage to property.

First, the type of infestation must be identified. This includes the exact species. If it is an ant infestation, then we have to identify what type of ant species. Next, we see the problem areas and administer the treatment. Most often, a compound is given to the ants on the trail, and the poison spreads throughout the colony. It can take up to 3 weeks to see the infestation fully die off, however. After treatment, we can tell you how to stop it from happening again.

The Best Pest Control Services Toowoomba

King Arthur Pest Control Services handle a variety of pests that can damage your property and put you and your family in danger. We can keep your home free from creepy crawlies with safe, eco-friendly, and humane methods. The species we deal with include:

Arthur’s 30+ years of experience and hands-on knowledge along with state-of-the-art equipment provide you with safe and effective services that include removal and treatments for all residential and commercial properties in Toowoomba.

We make sure we provide pest treatment service that’s thorough, prompt, and reliable.

Trusted Pest Control Services Toowoomba

Choose King Arthur Pest Control Services and you will be assured that we will handle your pest problems right away. We are well-trained and equipped with the vital knowledge and tools to ensure our and treatment is effective. We’re also happy to tell you exactly what we are using, how long the job will last and give you tips and precautions you can do to prevent pest infestations from happening again.

Are you looking for a professional pest control provider near you? Call the King on 0417 739 897.

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Customer Reviews

“Could not recommend Arthur enough! His attention to detail is amazing.
Arthur did our Pest Control spray and went above and beyond. He got in behind drawers and cupboards, and even some loose tiles.”

Paula Wodzynska

“King Arthur was fantastic! Relocated my 3.7 x 3m bird aviary with no fuss. Very happy :)”


“Thanks to the King of Pest Control we don’t have a pest control problem at all anymore! Duncan, the boss, has made a great choice in choosing King Arthur and we hope that you guys do too.”

Emma, Manager at Baker's Delight Hooper Centre
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