Pest control is an annual necessity for Australian homes. It’s just not optional. Pests carry many diseases, damage homes, and contaminate food and water supplies – just to name a few issues..

Termites can eat through an entire structure, costing you tens of thousands of dollars. And, needless to say, it’s unsettling to have any kind of pest inside your home. They’re just not meant to be there.

The cost of pest control will depend on multiple factors. We have broken down the typical costs of pest control and the criteria affecting this cost. This should give you a strong indication of what to expect with regard to the final bill.

Factors impacting the pest control cost

What’s important to understand about the cost of pest control is that many companies will bundle services together. So you can get a general service that will cater to multiple insects, sometimes up to 10.

However, larger pests will invariably need specific treatments such as possums, birds, rodents, and German cockroaches. Certain insects like fleas and termites will often need a specific application. Sadly, the ones needing specific treatment are the most dangerous and also the most commonly requested.

With this in mind, the following factors will affect the cost of pest control:

  • Type of pest – As stated, different pests will incur different costs. Termites cost far more than pests due to the necessity for termite barriers. Rodents and German cockroaches also tend to be more expensive.
  • Extent of infestation – If it’s a new infestation with a small colony, it should prove easier to exterminate than one that is well established. The time to complete eradication should also be shortened.
  • Total surface area – Many pest control agencies will charge per room when treating inside a home. If an external spray needs to be applied around the perimeter, then the cost will increase depending on house size.
  • Number of visits – It is often expected that one visit is enough to treat the pests, but some pests might require a second round of treatment for safety. German cockroaches are a candidate for a second visit, and rats might be as well.
  • Discounts – There will invariably be some kind of discount for packaged deals as well as return visits. While the pest control service is already at your home, it is easier for them to take care of multiple pests.
  • Location – Some areas are just more expensive than others. Living in the centre of an urban environment is going to be more expensive than living in the countryside due to wider economic factors. Some territories are also more expensive than others.

It’s easier to call up the pest control company directly to get a precise quote for your specific situation. This will cut through any ambiguity with regard to the cost.

Pest control cost breakdown

One of the biggest determinants in terms of the pest control cost is the type of infestation. We’ve broken this down into a table so you have a general idea of what to expect. The hourly rate for pest control services might be between $40-70 per hour.

But pest control services are typically done based on the surface area and the type of infestation as opposed to an hourly rate. It makes it easier for the customer when the cost is known upfront.

Pest Control Type Low High
General Household Service (Includes a Variety of Pests) $250 $600
Rodents Only (May Need Repeat Treatment) $200 $400
German Cockroaches $200 $400
Possum Removal $200 $300
Termite Treatment $300 $700
Termite Barrier $2,000 $4,000
Termite Inspection $150 $300

How can I reduce the cost of pest control?

Once you have an active infestation, there is little you can do to reduce the cost. It’s far more relevant to simply get rid of the infestation at all costs. Instead, what you can look into doing is preventing them in the first place with some common sense procedures. This might include:

  • Good home design – Don’t let soil touch your walls and make sure plumbing gaps have hard collars. Insulation and ventilation are key here. Garbage bins should be located far from the home.
  • Sanitisation – Vacuum and clean your home regularly. This will get rid of eggs that could hatch and cause problems.
  • Food hygiene – Bugs are attracted to food and moisture. Make sure that all food is tucked away at night in secure containers. Clean the dishes and don’t leave them in the sink. Empty the trash regularly.
  • Inspections – Even with preventative tips, it’s useful to have an annual pest inspection. The team can also give you pointers with regard to further optimisation in terms of prevention and maintenance.

Why is termite treatment so expensive?

Termites are the number one pest in Australia and worldwide. The average cost for a repair after a termite infestation is $7,000. They devour wood and can remain undetected as subterranean termites burrow under the ground to a source of wood.

Due to this, it is necessary to install a termite barrier. This is essentially a trench due around your property with a chemical solution applied. This chemical solution either repels the termites or eradicates them.

The installation of these systems is not straightforward as there are many considerations with regard to the dimensions and where to apply the chemical agent. Termites are clever. If there is a flaw in the installation of the termite barrier, they can find a way into your home.

Can I do pest control myself?

There are some DIY remedies that may prove effective. Generally, however, it’s best to call in professional services. Few people want to deal with rats including the disposal of the bodies when complete. Moreover, pests need to be removed quickly. If you have a few ants or wasps, then it’s ok to try and remove them by yourself.

But termites, rats, rodents, and German cockroaches need immediate, proven, and effective solutions by experienced professionals. You also need to learn how to maintain the property so that these infestations don’t happen in the first place.

Are pest control services harmful?

No. If you need to stay away from the area for a while, the pest control service will advise you. But many of the new pest control services on the market use agents that are friendly to pets, children, and the environment. Often, it is merely bait that is used, so it is not harmful until ingested by rodents, cockroaches, mice, or termites.

Pest control services are usually harmful to pests only. Where there is a danger, the service will inform you. It’s part of the training to be familiar with the different kinds of chemicals and how they can pose a threat. The products are often biodegradable and break down after a given time period.

How long does pest control take?

It depends on the type of infestation. Some treatment will only take 30 minutes or so to apply after careful assessment and examination of the infestation. Other treatments can take hours.

You will notice an increase in pest activity after the initial treatment. This is because the pesticide is doing its job and interrupting the breeding and eating habits of the pests. The infestation should be eradicated within two weeks. If it lasts longer, then you might need to call in the service again.

Does the weather affect the cost of pest control?

Many people believe that rain or snow will hinder pest control and affect the cost. But this is not the case. The assumption that light rain or snow will wash away pest control is largely false. In some instances, they can optimise pest control as they draw pests from the ground. For indoor pest control, it does not make any difference as the areas will be (presumably) dry. The key areas are often skirting boards, windows, and door frames.

While there is an increase in pest control demand during the summer, this does not mean that it’s the only time for pest control. Many pests will enter your home during winter including rats and mice that are looking for warmth. Flying pests like mosquitos, bees, and wasps decrease in cooler months, but other pests increase in activity including mice, rats, possums, and bed bugs. Some pests, such as termites and cockroaches, are active all year round.

Where can I get effective yet affordable pest control in Toowoomba?

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The treatment is friendly to animals and children, and a variety of pests can be accounted for including rats, termites, cockroaches, fleas, and many more.

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