While King Arthur provides a bird control service for non-native pests, he is also about rescuing sick, injured and trapped native birds.

Recently Arthur was called to an industrial shed because two young magpies had flown in through the big open doors but couldn’t manage to find their way out.

Getting the birds out quickly was a priority to make sure things didn’t get covered in an unpleasant mess.

After assessing the situation, Arthur decided that the easiest way to get the magpies out was to lift a sheet of iron on the roof, and hopefully they would fly out.  And they did!

Bird Rescue Toowoomba

Mission Complete.

Here’s another couple of rescues that Arthur has completed, though these were happened upon by chance.

This Tawny frogmouth was found in Arthur’s front yard. It was possibly hit by a car, or flew into an obstacle. Arthur took the bird to the vet for treatment, and he made a full recovery.

Tawny Frogmouth Rescue Toowoomba

This native Noisy miner was found in the middle of the road on Ruthven St, Toowoomba.

Arthur put on his hazard lights and got out to rescue him before another car came along. The Noisy miner was a bit dazed but came to life just before Arthur got to the Vet!! 😊

Noisy Minor Bird Rescue Toowoomba

If you find yourself in need of a bird rescue, like getting a bird out of your shed, or maybe you need a handyman to help stop birds nesting in/on your roof and gutter, give King Arthur a call and he will come to the rescue!

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