Why did the mouse run inside? Because it was raining cats and dogs.

You might notice an influx of mice or even rats at the moment due to high numbers outside.  But also, like many of us, mice and rats don’t love the cold so they tend to seek shelter inside in the cooler months.

Mice and rats are troublesome pests, and if left untreated they can quickly take over your castle.

How do I know if I have rats or mice in my home?

There will be a few tell tale signs that you might have a rodent problem, even if you haven’t actually seen them. Watch out for these signs:

  • Mice droppings – little oval shaped pellets lying all over the place
  • Greasy rub marks – rodents tend to leave dirty marks behind them as they move about
  • Chew or gnaw marks – these guys will chew through everything from paper, wire, and plastic during their search for food and to keep their teeth short
  • The sound of elephants in your ceiling or walls at night.

Are rodents in my home dangerous?

Rodents can carry a number of diseases, leaving contamination behind in their faeces, urine and fur. This can include transmission of salmonella and E. coli.

Rodents can also die in hard to find or reach places causing a really bad smell as their bodies decompose.

I tried using store bought controls, but they didn’t work. What can I do?

If you’ve tried every store-bought and home-made mouse control option and nothing seems to work, don’t feel bad. Rodents are pretty smart little animals and very clever when it comes to survival.

It might be time to hire a professional! King Arthur can help!

King Arthur has access to the latest developments in rodent control products that are only available to professionals.  The newest product utilises a naturally occurring active ingredient that doesn’t bio-accumulate, so it’s more environmentally friendly.  And it has also been proven to not cause any secondary poisoning.

New products can have higher palatability and kill in one feed.  The newest product has a stop-feed mechanism, which means that rodents stop eating it after 24 hours and therefore you’re not wasting bait or money.

Arthur will place the baits in tamper resistant bait stations so that the bait remains securely inside.  This means your children and pets aren’t at risk, and the rodents feel secure in the bait station and more come to feed.

Arthur will tailor a treatment to your place but generally installs 3 bait stations outside, one station in the ceiling and 2 mouse stations inside the house for $176.00.  And the treatment comes with a 2 month warranty.

If you want your home “squeaky clean” from mice and rats, give King Arthur a call!

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