Bakers Delight at the Hooper Centre were kind enough to give King Arthur a wonderful review on his pest control services.

When Duncan took on the business in 2018, he noticed the pest control wasn’t up to his standards. There was a lingering problem with cockroaches, that his existing Pest Control company just couldn’t seem to shake.

“Being food based, hygiene is one of our top priorities where our business is concerned,” says Duncan.

Duncan got in touch with Arthur and asked if he thought he might be able to help.

Arthur always has a high attention to detail and when he arrived on site, he took his time inspection all the nooks and cranny’s, checking for potential areas where they might be clustering and making sure they were treated appropriately.

After 3 treatments over a 3 month period, Arthur got the pest problem completely in check.

Arthur now sprays the bakery once a month and there haven’t been any creepy crawly problems since.

“We would definitely recommend King Arthur Handyman & Pest Control to any business or household for your pest control needs.”

Need your home or business sprayed for pests? Get in touch today. 

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