Arthur with Possum Removal Cage

Help! How do I Get a Possum Out of my House?

The loud thuds, the scratching and sometimes even the chainsaw sounds! Possums can be a bit of a nuisance when they decide to make their home inside your house.  And it’s definitely not good when they get stuck in your fireplace!!

How do you know if it is rodents or possums?

Both are pretty noisy but you’ll hear possums leaving your roof just after dusk and returning just before sunrise.

What can you do?

Possums are Australian native animals and are protected by law.  Their removal can only be carried out by someone who holds a Damage Mitigation Permit.  So it’s best you call in the professionals – this is where King Arthur can help!!

What will King Arthur do?

King Arthur is your go-to handyman and possum-remover!!  His services include thoroughly inspecting your home for entry points, and repairing your home so that the possums can’t sneak back in.  This is actually a requirement of his permit.

Arthur then uses well maintained and humane traps to capture the possums inside your home (usually inside your ceiling void).  This means the possums don’t get overly stressed or hurt themselves.

Any possums that Arthur captures need to be released within 25m of your place.  This is also a requirement of his permit.  You might want to provide them with a new place to sleep, by hanging a nest box, or something similar, in nearby trees.

Possum in Cage after capture ready to be relocated
Possum in Cage after capture ready to be relocated

Possums can be crafty, and occasionally dangerous creatures. Although they can be cute, and a great Aussie native, sometimes they just don’t mix well with people. King Arthur can safely remove your intruders and ensure they don’t gain access to your home again with his possum proofing service.


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Mouse Trap

Got a mouse in your house!?

Why did the mouse run inside? Because it was raining cats and dogs.

Not really, but you might notice an influx of mice or even rats at this time of year, because like many of us, mice and rats don’t love the cold. So, they tend to seek shelter inside in the cooler months.

Mice and rats are troublesome pests, and if left untreated they can quickly take over your castle.


How do I know if I have rats or mice in my home?

There will be a few tell tale signs that you might have a rodent problem, even if you haven’t actually seen them. Watch out for these signs:

  • Mice droppings – little oval shaped pellets lying all over the place
  • Greasy rub marks – rodents tend to leave dirty marks behind them as they move about
  • Chew or gnaw marks – these guys will chew through everything from paper, wire, and plastic during their search for food
  • The sound of elephants in your ceiling or walls at night.


Are rodents in my home dangerous?

Rodents can carry a number of diseases, leaving contamination behind in their faeces, urine and fur. This can include transmission of salmonella and E. coli.

If you’ve seen the signs of rodents in your home, it’s time to head to the hardware store and buy some rodent control.

What controls can I use?

There are a variety of options available for you to buy. Typically, you can choose from a wide selection of traps and baits. As rodents adapt and learn quickly, King Arthur would recommend using a combination of both, for the greatest chance of success.

The baits available are commonly a type of anticoagulant. This may be an un-preferred form of treatment in some cases due to:

  • Rodents dying in hard to find or reach places
  • Rodents taking up to 4 days to die
  • Rodents may be eaten by household pets, causing them to get sick as well
  • Chemicals can cause reactions or allergies in sensitive people
  • Rodents eating more than a lethal dose
  • Rodents losing interest in the bait.

Whatever your choice it is always best to follow these guidelines:

  • Read and follow all instructions for use carefully.
  • Keep traps away from food or food prep areas.
  • Place traps on or near pathways where rodents have been.
  • DO NOT place traps where children or pets can access them.
  • Wear gloves when handling dead rodents (and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards)
  • Make sure you dispose of all controls according to instructions and clean areas once you have completed the treatment


I tried using store bought controls, but they didn’t work. What can I do?

If you tried the above and nothing seems to work, don’t feel bad. Rodents are pretty smart little animals and very clever when it comes to survival.

It might be time to hire a professional! King Arthur can help!

King Arthur has access to the latest developments in rodent control products that are only available to professionals.  The newest product utilises a naturally occurring active ingredient that doesn’t bio-accumulate, so it’s more environmentally friendly.

New products can have higher palatability and kill in one feed.  The newest product has a stop-feed mechanism, which means that rodents stop eating it and you’re not wasting bait or money.

Arthur will place the baits in tamper resistant bait stations so that the bait remains securely inside.  This means your children and pets aren’t at risk, and the rodents feel secure in the bait station and more come to feed.

If you want your home “squeaky clean” from mice and rats, give King Arthur a call!

Top Five reasons to get King Arthur to paint the outside of your home

There’s a lot of reasons to get a professional to paint your home, but here’s King Arthur’s top five!


King Arthur Handyman

1. It will get done quicker

How do you value your time? Do you have important things to be doing, other than painting?

Painting can take a lot longer than you think! The outside of your home can require a lot of dreaded prep work depending on the condition of your home. This can mean gapping and filling, and that’s before you even get to the painting!

The type of primers and/or paint you are using can also impact how long it takes to paint.

Knowing what to expect comes with experience, which Arthur has plenty of. This means a lot of time is saved and your home gets painted a whole lot quicker.

2. You don’t have to organise equipment

Painting requires a fair bit of equipment. Various types of brushes and rollers are needed depending on the task at hand, not to mention extension ladders and scaffolding!

When using scaffolding you’re generally challenged with uneven ground which makes it difficult to set ladders and reach roof overhangs. Nature isn’t your friend here either: windy days can catch dust on your fresh coat of paint, and rain can ruin the finish if the paint is still wet.

Arthur has battled all kinds of jobs, so he knows what equipment and paint to use and what troubles to look out for when painting your home.

3. You won’t have to cut in (cutting in will be tidy)

A lot of trim means a lot of brushwork, and this means a lot of patience and a steady hand.

When cutting in, particularly around windows and gutters, it can be hard to get the crisp clean lines unless you spend a lot of time or have a lot of practice.

Arthur can get it done in half the time and it will (probably) look much better.

4. No Clean up

Avoid the dreaded clean up!

  • No cleaning,
  • No washing brushes,
  • No washing trays,
  • No scrubbing paint from your hands and hair,
  • No packing away equipment.

Arthur does all this as part of the service.

5. You’ll get a high-quality job!

A high-quality job involves a few factors, from choosing the right products, to the attention to detail in the paint job itself.

Choosing primers, undercoats and paints can be a daunting task. Making sure you use the right products is part of the process that ensures that you get a long lasting, quality finish. Arthur will help sort this for you.

Choosing Arthur to paint your home also means you get to avoid those ‘whoopsie’ moments and the constant frustration that eventually results in a disappointing finished job and a ‘that’ll bloody do!’ attitude. Hiring someone with experience means you get a high-quality finish, minus the stress.

Once your house is finished, you want to stand back, with your hands on your hips admiring your fantastic looking home with its fresh coat of paint. Arthur will give you a great result, so you can do just that.

If you want your home painted with no fuss and a great attention to detail, King Arthur is your go to man.

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What you need to know about House Sanding

Is your house looking old and tired?

Need an uplift or refresh, is the paint peeling or do you need a new colour?

If sanding isn’t your thing, get in touch with King Arthur, because he loves it!

House Sanding:

House sanding can be a tedious, dusty and long-winded job and there are many things to take into consideration.

Arthur has many years of experience in house sanding and can help identify several concerns which may need particular attention when sanding your home.


Evening Out the Surface of Timber:

When sanding timber, it is important to use the correct tools. Your home may be quite weathered and require a bit more attention to detail when sanding.

There is also a risk that when done incorrectly, the timber can be stripped back into an uneven surface, which is very noticeable once painted. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than working through countless hours of prep work, only to realise that you have to strip your first coat of primer off to re-sand the timber surface.

With Arthur’s many years of experience, he will make sure that your home is stripped back to a nice, smooth, even surface that’s perfect for painting!

Lead Paint

A common issue that can occur when updating older weatherboard homes is the presence of lead paint.

Lead paint has been banned from use in Australia since 1978 due to the health and environmental implications is has. Risks of exposure are increased if the paint is flaking or chalking and are particularly high when the paint is being removed by methods such as sanding, hot air guns, sandblasting or burning.

If lead is identified in your house paint, extra precautions have to be taken when sanding your home.

How can I tell if my house has lead paint?

You can buy lead paint test kits from your local hardware store. Follow the instructions for use. Remember, red means lead! It is always best to test all layers of paint that you intend to remove, as some houses may have had non- lead coats of paint applied over the top of the original. You can generally find the bottom layer of paint in an area that may have been chipped or flaking from exposure.

How is lead paint safely removed?

In order to remove the paint correctly and with minimal complications, Arthur will cocoon the work area of your home with a tarpaulin, including one laid on the ground to catch any flakes that fall to the floor. Arthur will also wear all the necessary protective clothing. Once complete, the flakes are rolled up and can be taken away for safe lead disposal.

Save yourself time, money and ensure that you get a smooth, paint ready surface by contacting an experienced professional.

Give your home the refresh it deserves with sanding and painting services offered by King Arthur!

Do you have uninvited guests in your Castle?

King Arthur is locally based in Toowoomba and you can be confident that he knows the land and all its common pests.

Where does King Arthur Handyman & Pest Control Services visit?

Arthur travels throughout Toowoomba, the Darling Downs, Highfields, Crows Nest, Meringandan, Oakey, Warwick, Dalby, Laidley, Forrest Hill & more.


What Pest Control Services Does King Arthur Offer?

King Arthur will banish those pesky pests for you!

He will save you from:

  • Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders & Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Rodents (Rats & Mice)
  • Possums
  • Termites
  • Birds & more

Arthur can help with:

  • General Treatments
  • End of Lease Pest Control Services
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Industrial Building Treatments


Can I trust King Arthur?

Arthur has a proven record in providing a quality, reliable and thorough service. He has a special attention to detail and is super meticulous in his work, as any good King should be!

Arthur assesses each situation as a unique situation. Each treatment begins with Arthur completing a comprehensive inspection. This includes checking common problem areas such as behind certain appliances, in cupboards, behind drawers and even behind any loose structures.

He will even track ants back to their nests in your yard!

After this initial assessment, Arthur applies a thorough treatment to all areas.


Does King Arthur offer a warranty?

Arthur is so confident in his work that he will offer a warranty on most treatments! You can ask him what warranties are offered on your required treatments.

Arthur has spent many hours training to fight those troublesome pests and is fully licensed to service your castle!



Don’t joust around with pests!

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